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Grenada Wedding Locations

When you decide that getting married in Grenada is your dream wedding and you share your requirements with us, we will help select the most suitable location for your Caribbean wedding here in Grenada. You can choose from the following type of venue for your destination wedding...

Beach Wedding
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Villa Wedding Plantation Wedding
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Tropical Gardens Wedding
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Yacht Wedding Waterfall Wedding
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Church Wedding
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Caribbean Resort Wedding
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Moored Boat with Lighthouse Wedding
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Green Weddings in Grenada - that do not cost the earth !

For years we have been offering ecologically sound aspects to the wedding celebrations we plan. Now we want to highlight to you goodness that is already incorporated into your wedding plans, and how you can do more without sacrificing style or fun! - simply endorsing our green practices, and adding more ideas & suggestions of your own.  
Whether you wish to say your vows at one of the many sun kissed beaches or barefoot under a palm tree, you can be assured we do our utmost to protect these precious natural locations. We participate in clean up campaigns of our beaches, we support the islands famous turtle protection program, and at every location we clean up only leaving footprints &  capturing memories!.

  Maybe a  cascading waterfall with flourishing gardens is your ultimate location. These  all a natural spots to add to the beauty of your celebration and will remind you to make environmentally responsible choices every day.    

Our local florists' blooms are organically grown, no imports & no pesticides. Our fresh flowers cut the morning of your wedding before the sunrises, staying true to local island traditions. We mainly provide native flowers in-season, offering great earth friendly choices that look tropically elegant. Should you wish you can see your bouquet & boutonniere picked and created right before your eyes. We provide a special half day Grenadian garden tour, of hidden gardens, ending with a stop at our florist, so you can see your bouquet created.
If you are already settled into a home, and do not need kitchenware  or furnishings, you may prefer to ask your guests (friends & family who could or could not attend) to donate to  a local charity in Grenada, we can assist you to do this by providing a reputable list, local contacts & easy solutions to give back to the island. We pride ourselves on making a difference. Grenada Wedding is currently aligned with 3 worthy charitable organizations.  
We ( along with any guests) congratulate you by showering you with native flower petals, after your ceremony,  it looks wonderful & makes a great photo - 100% natural.    

Other Grenada Wedding Green options are:-

Choose wonderfully authentic spice wedding favors -hand made bags stuffed with the islands spices & personalized, adding décor to the table and making an unforgettable wedding favor keepsake.

  Counteract some of the carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere (contributing to global warming) by your guests traveling by plane or car to your wedding. Give each guest an 11-watt compact fluorescent bulb or purchase it in their name, for use in your home town or to donate to a school or community centre in Grenada, we have calculated that one bulb will save 685 pounds of carbon dioxide, allowing you to give back & meet the local community too. Other ways to give and be immersed in our local culture is to select authentic Grenadian entertainment for wedding reception, such as a Caribbean choir, (as featured below) or our energetic drumming group, steel pan or quality local live bands, maximizing the positive impact of local culture and community is a huge part of responsible travel. You also have the option to purchase a nutmeg tree for our farmers, planted in your name, flourishing for generations to come.

Please send us your ideas & suggestions to Green Grenada Weddings

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